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A: Each of the games in the collection were designed without much thought given to being remastered, so we had a hard time. Therefore we worked on NG3:RE, Sigma 2, then Sigma, going in reverse order. Also, the program structure of the PS Vita games, Sigma 2 Plus and Sigma Plus, were well organized, so we were able to use that source code effectively. Plus, we've resolved the Sigma Plus and Sigma 2 Plus issues of the framerate drops and difficulty inputting certain commands!


Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and Ninja Gaiden 3 are all included in the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection. The remaster comes packaged with the typical additions of a collection like this, including better visuals and effects, it also took away some of the things that made the three games special to some players.

Another element of the games included in Ninja Gaiden The Master Collection is the ability to play online for specific events and activities. In Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, for example, players could take part in Tag Missions. In Ninja Gaiden 3, Ninja Trials could be completed with friends online too. Unfortunately, this online functionality was removed for the remastered collection.

Ninja Gaiden is an action series that stands apart from its genre counterparts due to its dense combo system and fighting game mechanics. Action games with two-button combo systems are commonplace, but Ninja Gaiden is unique in its mechanical richness. Each combo has a unique series of effects and functions, similar to those in Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur, and mastering these techniques gives you an impressive degree of control over the hordes of demon and ninja foes you encounter across all three titles. Vulnerability states, such as staggering, crumple stuns, spin stuns, partial juggles, full juggles, guard breaks, knock downs, and clear launches, are packed into every combo, resulting in complex combat that very few action games can match.

KOEI TECMO and Team NINJA have revealed the return of famed master ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, with the newly announced NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on June 10th, 2021.

Even though ninjas are always super cool, I have somehow managed to avoid playing Ninja Gaiden games all these years. Although, the trilogy hides in my gaming cabinet with several other titles that ended up in my sad backlog pile. Now, however, Koei Techmo America lands a solid roundhouse kick with the release of the remastered version of the whole Ninja Gaiden trilogy to the present-day consoles. So let's tighten our headbands and rush toward dangers with a sword ahead!

I find Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection to be like a recovered ancient treasure. It effortlessly utilises everything from the ninja topic and it includes not only gorgeous and blood-soaked action but also an adequately vivid story, and plenty of inventive areas to explore and epic enemies to butcher. Sure, a stiff camera and brutal level of difficulty flatten the mood, but that's why there is the easiest level option for Sunday ninjas like myself. The fans of the trilogy should be aware that the first two remastered Ninja Gaidens are Sigma versions, that as far as I know slightly differ from the original ones. However, the third Ninja Gaiden is the Razor's Edge version, which can be considered as a full experience of the game. This should slightly help to balance the possible resentment the Sigma versions might cause. The Master Collection also includes a digital soundtrack and a bunch of digital art from the games, that can be used to savor the treats of this classic game series.

The Ninja Gaiden Master Collection offers solid performance updates for some of the best hack-and-slash titles of the ps3 era, inlcuding some of their dlcs but doesn't fix all of their problems, which are mostly present in the camera controls of Ninja Gaiden 3. The changes are minimalistic for a remastered collection and there was a lot of potential in it but it is still the best way to experience the world of Ninja Gaiden for newcomers.

The three games included in this collection are all enjoyable action games and well worth your time. While there are some issues with this release, such as the absence of all the online modes and the locking of bonus content behind the deluxe edition, they ultimately detract from the core single player experience at the heart of the package. If you are a fan of action games, especially ones where you get to play as a ninja, and you have yet to try the modern Ninja Gaiden games out, you should pick up this bundle right away.

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is a must-have collection for those who have never played one of the best action series. However, it is clear that many aspects have aged badly, such as the camera and graphics, and could have been polished in this collection. In that light, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection offers only the bare minimum you would expect from a remaster.

A much needed re-release of Team Ninja's trio of Ninja Gaiden titles, though the third game is a step below the other two games, and the remastering effort a touch on the conservative side, it's a proper joy to be able to play the first two Ninja Gaiden games once again on contemporary hardware; camera issues with the first game notwithstanding. Bolstered by a neat amount of extras and the seemingly ageless and satisfying combat that's as good now in 2021 as it was before, the king of high-octane, hyperviolent ninja action has returned.

Ninja Gaiden Clans or known as 100万人のNINJA GAIDEN, 100 Man-ri no ninjagaiden, lit. NINJA GAIDEN of 1 Million People is a japan exclusive game for Android and iPhone devices. While the game borrows from the franchise, it is not considered canon.

Should be called the Sigma Collection, this is far from a "master" collection. Sigma 1 and especially 2 are such a joke when compared to Black and Ninja Gaiden 2. If you have an xbox dont even bother with this collection, you will be disappointed 041b061a72


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