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David Sanders
David Sanders

Only Fools And Horses....

Stick a pony in me pocket, I'll fetch the suitcase from the van. 'Cause if you want the best 'uns, but you don't ask questions, Then, brother, I'm your man! 'Cause where it all comes from is a mystery, It's like the changing of the seasons and the tides of the sea, But here's the one that's driving me berserk: Why do only fools and horses work?

Only Fools and Horses....

  • Other characters include: Trigger (Colin Ball): So named not because he carries a gun but "because he looks like a horse". Always calls Rodney "Dave", and can never be persuaded otherwise. Originally a small-time crook who supplies Del with dodgy merchandise, he becomes a Cloudcuckoolander and not the sharpest spoon in the drawer. Played by Roger Lloyd Pack, who you may recognise from The Vicar of Dibley.

  • Boycie: An unlovable rogue and frightful snob with a Signature Laugh who is usually gloating over Del's misfortunes. Initially Del's Sitcom Archnemesis, but becomes more of a Friendly Enemy. His real name is eventually revealed in "Sickness and Wealth" as Terrence Aubrey Boyce. Later got his own Spin-Off, The Green Green Grass.

  • Marlene: Boycie's wife. Originally The Ghost, only referred to in the pub ("all the lads remember Marlene"), she starts appearing in the fourth series from "Sleeping Dogs Lie" onward. There is a constant undercurrent of an attraction between her and Del.

  • Denzil Tulser: The Everyman, relied upon to get caught up in Del's schemes because he's just too much of a Nice Guy not to help. He's also the Henpecked Husband to Corrine (who is only seen once due to actress Eva Mottley's death). Originally a Jive Turkey, but this gets toned down quite quickly.

  • Mike Fisher: The landlord of the local pub, "The Nag's Head", which all of the characters frequent. A pretty sensible guy, but also rather gullible and often a target customer for Del's dodgy goods.

  • Mickey Pearce: Rodney's best friend, though he doesn't often act like it, and has no qualms about double crossing Rodney or stealing his girlfriends. He first appears in the third series.

  • DCI Roy Slater: "Slater the Slag", a Dirty Cop determined to arrest Del for something. He was at school with Del, Trig, Denzil and Boycie, and no-one liked him then either. He's eventually arrested himself for diamond smuggling. In "The Class of '62", it's revealed that Slater was once Raquel's husband.

A couple of years ago I attended and Equine facilitated leadership training session with the brilliant Lisa Brice and her equine friends. It gave me a whole new view on leading with impact and what effect my own personal communication methods can have. This of course was in the non verbal aspect when leading horses, but it made me much more aware of my own body language and how this can create confidence and trust and the desire for this wonderful creature the horse to want to follow me. Recently I have been lucky enough to get my own horse and have spent many an hour practising this. Initially it was hard, the horse didn't know me and had no idea where I wanted to take him, and vice versa, I wondered how on earth this horse would ever understand what I wanted him to do - because of course he can't understand what I say - only how I say it, in other words my tone, pace and body language. We have both had to learn and work on our understanding of each other, but slowly it happens. We now have a much stronger bond and a mutual understanding of trust and respect of each other, resulting in a positive relationship filled with fun - I have a much happier horse, and for me, achievement (every time I get out of the saddle I'm amazed I stayed on!). Joking apart, because we have both worked on the acceptable boundaries we each have, and believe in each other, my horse truly looks after me when I'm riding so I genuinely feel safe. Working with this in mind it really does bring home the fact managing people is such a challenge in busy working environments filled with policies, procedures, rules and regulations, managers trying to manage people and forever under pressure to achieve results, them wondering why their team do the things they do, why a certain member of staff behaves the way they do, and then how in earth they keep them motivated and retain the good people on top of all this. It's not easy, especially to a new manager promoted without any real support in understanding this 'softer' side of managing people. Training courses on the many, many management subjects can help, but I truly believe non of these work in isolation, and understanding the fundamentals of communication first, to establish the environment of mutual trust and respect is the greatest gift a manager has. Leading people is as hard if not harder than leading horses. When a horse no longer feels the connection and the leader hasn't got their attention then they simply stop following and look away, making it very obvious they have disengaged. With people it is not so obvious and managers may only find out they have disengaged when it is too late, or the impact has happened. I have spent a good many years helping and supporting managers in this area, and love the work I do. I'm looking forward to doing much more, and continue to learn great communication techniques from my horse which are such valuable lessons to share with my clients!. 041b061a72


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