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MetroPlay: The Ultimate Entertainment App for Metro by T-Mobile Customers

In The Final Earth 2, players must use their limited resources to build a colony on a completely new planet. This game requires strategy and planning in order to do well. Build houses to increase the population and build farms to produce more food for the villagers.

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Red Planet Farming has a similar concept, only it is more focused on the farming aspect rather than growing the population. Much like Mini Metro: London, players must focus on how to diversify their resources in the most efficient manner possible. If you enjoy business games that take a great deal of planning and strategy, then you will love this one.

Unlike the complete version of Mini Metro, Mini Metro London is completely free for players to play. Just like every other game here at Coolmath Games, it is completely free to play this game, you just have to watch an ad beforehand. After that, you can hop right into the Mini Metro mayhem!

At Battelle Darby Creek, the 9-acre natural play area has boulders and fallen logs to climb and easy access to the creek, where you can wade in the water and search for aquatic wildlife. There are footpaths through the woods and several visitor-made forts to play in. You can access the natural play area from the last parking lot in the Indian Ridge Picnic Area.

At Sharon Woods, a 7.5-acre area includes a wooded hillside with trees and vines to climb and easy access to Spring Creek at the bottom of a hill. There is a fort at the top of the hill and plenty of natural materials to build more forts. There may be remains of fairy houses from the annual fairy and elf house building program. Enter the natural play area from the last parking lot at the Apple Ridge Picnic Area.

Prairie Oaks has the largest natural play area, a 25-acre area that surrounds Beaver Lake and features giant sycamore trees. Go to the Beaver Lake parking lot on Lucas Road and enter the natural play area at the south end of the lot.

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At Blendon Woods, a 10-acre natural play area features a wooded hillside and ravine where kids can play. REI and Michelle Zugaro provided donations that allowed us to create some terrific play structures, including a zipline, teeter-totter, basket swing, cargo climbing net, a tether-ball game and various stepped logs over ravines and streams. Turn right at the ranger station then second left to the parking lot. Entrance to the natural play area is at the far end of the lot.

The Highbanks 15-acre natural play area backs against the Scenic River Trail and lets you explore a forest and take a path to the Olentangy River. There is a new zipline and plenty of sticks and branches to make a fort. Turn left at the intersection in the Big Meadows Picnic Area and stop at the first parking lot. Entrance to the natural play area is on the left.

At Slate Run, a 7-acre area is bordered by a creek and features trees to climb and leaves to play in. Go to the Shady Grove Picnic Area, walk past the observation deck on the Five Oaks Trail and down to the bottom of the hill.

The 12-acre natural play area at Three Creeks features a pine forest where you can climb trees, play hide and seek and build forts from sticks and branches. Go to the Confluence Trails Area and look for the entry sign on the right.

Wiggins said the agency has added lighting, more video surveillance, closed off some entrances to better track who is coming and going, added Metro Transit Security Officers and Metro Ambassadors and, yes, began playing ubiquitous music to encourage the unwanted to leave.

I want to play Metro Exodus since I've heard it has really great graphics. I was wondering if you all would reccomend that I play the other games in the series for the story first? Or if I could just jump right into Metro Exodus?

Edit: Thanks for the advice everyone! I'll definitely make sure to start with 2033 before playing the others. Also not sure why some toxic people feel the need to criticize me asking a valid question. I legitimately didn't know if the story was connected between games or if they could each stand on their own like games in some franchises (Fallout, GTA, etc...)

You can organize play on any of the outdoor public courts. If you play on courts that are often used for drop-in play, please be considered and try to schedule your private play outside of regular drop-in times.

Start at one of the locations listed below. At each of these locations we expect you to find people who will be kind and friendly to beginning and recreational players. If you find a location that suits your skill level, ask other players where else they play.

Start at one of the locations listed below. At each of these locations we expect you to find people who will be kind and friendly to intermediate players. If you find a location that suits your skill level, ask other players where else they play.

Start at one of the locations listed below. At each of these locations we expect you to find people who will be looking for advanced players. If you find a location that suits your skill level, ask other players where else they play.

Chelsea Tree House (Chelsea)The Tree House is an awesome adventure destination located in Chelsea, Michigan. The 9,000 square foot location boasts a huge climbing and playing structure, five slides, a baby and toddler area, swinging bridges, basketball hoops, and of course, a huge tree house!

Jungle Java (Canton, Farmington Hills + Clinton Township) Jungle Java is all about kids having fun, engaging in active play, in a safe and clean environment. Jungle Java is also all about parents being able to relax and socialize, enjoying a latte, in a comfy and cozy environment.

Kidcadia (Dearborn)Kidcadia is an escape for kids and caregivers. The 10,000 sq ft venue features a large indoor playscape for kids to explore and cozy seating parents to sit back and relax.

Castaway Play (Howell)Castaway Play is a family family fun center with a giant play structure, bounce houses, laser tag, arcade, restaurant, play structure, & AWESOME birthday parties! The indoor play space is designed for kids of all ages and includes a miniature bridge and three slides.

Stemville (Northville)At Stemville, we believe in creating a play center for children that encourages the use of science, technology, engineering, and math. Children use creative thinking and problem solving as they explore the various play stations. Stemville offers access to over 25,000 Magformers, 7,500 Clicformers, and 660 Everblocks for endless, creative building. Also, visit our 8 foot LiteZilla to watch your design light up.

Having not played either of the previous Metro games, I came into Exodus with no expectations for accessibility or what kind of game I was in for. About ten minutes into wandering aimlessly, a gigantic (and very real looking) spider crawled across my gas mask and I immediately determined that this game is not for me. No spiders, gigantic or otherwise, thank you.

Is Metro Exodus playable with these accessibility missteps? Absolutely. And there are 4 levels of difficulty should Deaf/HoH players find themselves running into difficulty due to lacking captioning (not that this is an excuse for not captioning important sounds). These issues were more of an annoyance than anything and when playing on easy and reader difficulties, I had no issues due to the lack of captioning.

Deep Silver left nothing out with their addition of these subtitles and their patch has made Metro Exodus go from a game I never planned to play again to one I want to experience every bit of and tell everybody about it as I play.

Please email us at with a description of the missing item, and we'll do our best to return it to you. You may also call the Metro Customer Care Center at 513-632-7575.

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