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David Sanders
David Sanders

T Pain Effect Izotope License File Rapidshare

Regarding the orthopedic problem, pain has a multifactorial origin and ozone can surprisingly display a number of beneficial effects, ranging from the inhibition of inflammation, correction of ischemia and venous stasis to finally inducing a reflex therapy effect by stimulating anti-nociceptor analgesic mechanisms. Both the intradiscal and intramuscular injection of oxygen-ozone are successful approaches comparable to other mini-invasive procedures.75 Is ozone really the crucial factor or, like other procedures involving thermocoagulation, is it that the external stimulus, which, by acting as a shocking event, is able to stimulate the natural healing capabilities? It must be said that the use of ozone in orthopedics has witnessed a far swifter success than the practice of ozonated autohemotherapy for systemic dysfunction: such a discrepancy can be explained by the rapid disappearance of pain achievable in most cases after a single intradiscal injection of ozone, even if further studies are necessary to demonstrate the persistency of effects of ozone therapy over time.

t pain effect izotope license file rapidshare


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