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Gallery Vault Pro Key Apk PATCHED

The application has a Cloud Sync feature that automatically syncs all files in the vault, which will be stored on your selected Google Drive in encryption form. You can access those files across multiple devices by linking your same account.

Gallery Vault Pro Key Apk

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Now, you will hide the picture by clicking the plus sign above the interface. Select a picture you want to hide by ticking each image or ticking all. The application will encrypt all of your photos and you will no longer see sensitive photos in the photo gallery.

The app is called GalleryVault and it is a privacy tool that allows you to hide your photos, videos, and other files. In addition, it is a safe and secure vault that can be used on any Android device.

If you have some files that you do not want others to see, you can import them into this secure vault and nobody knows the existence of it. This will ensure that your photos, videos, and other files are stored safely and privately.

GalleryVault is a media application which features hiding and encrypting photos, videos and other media files into their custom vault. The application can also hide the app icon and ensure absolute privacy over the contents that you want to hide. Some of the additional features that it includes are; android support from version 4.4 (KitKat) to the latest versions, a private browser that enables downloading images, videos and other media files from the internet and store them directly into the secure vault, it has efficient storage options that lets you store images from the SD card directly into the vault and it also has a shake feature to quickly hide the app icon. And also, some additional security options like; Break-In Alerts, fake passcode and contents and fingerprint lock as well. Some of these are available in the pro version.

This app is offered by GalleryVault Developer Team on Google PlayStore with 4.7 average users rating as well as a large number of downloads. Also, number users playing and also enjoy to use GalleryVault can hide its app icon and keep your privacy absolutely safe. You can import your private images as well as videos in this secure vault, and also nobody knows the existence of it. It works with Android 4.0.3 or latest version.

Gallery Vault is usable for anyone who is very concerned with their private media files. They can hide it on their personalized vault so that unwanted elements are prevented from compromising everything important.

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