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According to Samantha et al. [20] and Kolahdooz et al. [21], the application of friction stir processing to 380 alloys would lead to the breaking down of both aluminum dendrites and acicular Si particles which are much finer than those obtained using HPDC. Also, the interparticle distance is reduced by about 50%, resulting in significant improvements in the alloy hardness due to low porosity and microstructural homogeneity. The microstructure and properties of V-treated 380 alloy processed by the rheo-squeeze casting technique were investigated by Lin et al. [16]. The results show that by increasing the V concentration from 0% to 1.05%, the average length and volume fraction of the β-Al5FeSi phase is reduced to 30 µm and 1.44%, respectively. When the melt is solidified under high pressure, the solute diffusion coefficient is decreased, whereas the liquidus temperature and solid solubility of the solute element are both increased [22,23,24,25]. This process leads to the precipitation of different phases coupled with marked grain refining which may be attributed to the precipitation of fine Si2V phase particles. Another parameter to be considered is the addition of Mg. The work of Istrate [26] reveals the interaction of Mg with other elements such as Zr, resulting in uniform grains. Salahshoor and Guo [27] confirmed that the interaction between Mg and Ca (which exists as a tramp element in commercial alloys) results in the formation of a Mg2Ca compound/intermetallic phase that precipitates on the grain boundaries, restricting their growth.

Backscattered electron images viewed from alloy A (0.35 C/s) in the as-cast condition, showing (a) β-Fe phase platelets existing with massive Al2Cu particles; (b) fracture of a β-platelet; (c) particles of Q-phase growing out of the (Al-Al2Cu) eutectic network.

SEM of the fracture surface of alloy A under different conditions: (a) as-cast-general view, (b) high-magnification view of the central portion, (c) following solution heat treatment, and (d) in the T6 condition (20 h at 155 C corresponding to maximum UTS level). Note the presence of spherical Si particles at the bottom of the dimples in (c) orange arrows, and slip bands, white arrows.

Examples of crack initiation sites: (a,b) crack, (c) porosity, (d) slip bands, (e,f) oxide films and inclusions, (g) cleavaged areas, and (h) river-line striations.


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