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Buy Ugly Houses 'LINK'

Are you interested in buying a house? We Buy Ugly Houses can help. We buy ugly houses, repair them, and then resell these fully renovated houses to house buyers just like you. Call now to learn more!

buy ugly houses

Sadly, without proper maintenance, many historic homes fall into disrepair, becoming the ugly house on the street. But inside, valuable architectural details may be hiding in plain sight. Stained glass windows, curved staircases, high-profile moldings, and built-ins are just a few of the treasures that may await you. Once the home's structure has been brought back to life, these historic details will make your home truly unique.

An ugly house situated on a big lot could have big potential. Many older, decaying homes are outside of subdivisions where larger properties are the norm. That gives you the opportunity to build an extension to the living space, and create your dream home.

She told her investors that some of the houses were too ugly for banks to lend on, and besides, the banks took too long. She claimed she was purchasing these eye sores at a great value and in only 31 to 90 days, the homes would be rented or resold at a handsome profit.

Your point is valid. There are reputable property buyers and investors, for sure. I think if your own signage and marketing looks classy and not like the ugly yellow signs, you will not be associated with the fraudsters.

If you have a talent for repairing a home or can spot a good real estate deal from afar, then this could be the right franchising opportunity for you. The We Buy Ugly Homes franchise is all about making ugly homes beautiful once again and helping you make a profit while doing so. If that sounds like a great chance to earn money, then take a look today.

Dallas--HomeVestors of America Inc., the company known for its "We Buy Ugly Houses" billboards, is introducing the HomeVestors Real Estate-Owned (REO) Program on July 1 to buy "ugly notes" from banks and financial institutions nationwide. With advertisements debuting in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and financial trade publications, HomeVestors plans to buy performing notes, non-performing notes, and REOs on single-family homes that will expand the company's inventory to HomeVestors' franchisees.

HomeVestors will initially establish relationships with small- to medium-sized lenders to buy these notes in bulk and turn the properties over to the franchise network. The company also will launch a Web site at to support the program and offer more information. -BizCom Associates 041b061a72


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